FUN: Croc training 101

croc training

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Matt Wright is the Outback Wrangler. If you don't know what that means, he's the star of his own Nat Geo show. The program follows the helicopter pilot and animal catcher during his very adventurous life in various parts of the Australian outback.

Wright has had some incredible videos go viral online. Nearly all of them involve an alligator the size of bus (obviously not the actual size of a bus).

His latest clip has him teaching an up and coming outback wrangler how to feed a gator, which I don't know why that would be something anyone would want to learn.


Croc training 101

♬ original sound - Matt Wright

It's no secret that cats just sort of tolerate our existence and believe they rule the world with their human companions only by their side to serve them.

One woman posts videos to her TikTok account to document how life is going with her cat. Let's just say in the future she may just be a dog person.

@cucumbersmom brb heading to amazon to buy baby safe outlet covers because of cucumbers critter behavior!!!!! >:( #fyp ♬ original sound - holly