FUN: I feel like this TikTok is illegal in Quebec


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There are probably many things that grind the gears of former Quebec language Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, but had he seen the videos from this young Quebec woman he may have included something against her videos in Bill 96 because they may be considered the opposite of protecting the French language.

Camille Couture has decided to start translating classic Quebec tunes into English.

@camillesurtiktok Translating Quebec classics until I get bored of it | Part 1: Passe-Partout 🦓 . #quebec #nostalgia #canada #montreal #passepartout #fyp #song #french ♬ son original - CamilleCouture

@camillesurtiktok Translating Quebec classics until I get bored of it | Part 2: Julie - Les Colocs 👩🏻 . #quebec# #montreal #canada #song #french #lescolocs #julie #badtranslation #fyp ♬ son original - CamilleCouture

The Dude Perfect guys do a lot of cool stuff. They have one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world and they got there by making dumb trick shot videos in college. Good on them. They understand they are lucky to have the life they have thanks to something so crazy.

Their latest crazy video: Going to space.