FUN: Mario's butt


Welcome to the Right Foot, a segment featured every morning on CJAD 800's Andrew Carter Morning Show to help you start your day with a smile and get you off on, well, the right foot.

As someone who has played the Super Mario video games for the near entirety of my life, I never thought I'd be sitting on my butt talking about this Mario controversy:

Mario's butt.

Yep. There is a growing opposition to the size of Mario's posterior in the teaser image for the upcoming Super Mario movie. 

Mario is a plumber and they're known for their butts, so the lack of back side representation is not sitting well with the Super One's biggest fans.

Seeing this video (of a plant controlling a robotic arm wielding a machete) the first question you may ask youself is why? But science doesn't ask why, it asks "can we?"