FUN: Pizza guy runs into burning building to save 5 kids


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In my opinion every pizza delivery driver is a hero because they bring me pizza and THAT is enough for me. If that's not enough for you than Nicholas Bostic of Lafayette, Indiana probably checks whatever unrealistic standards you have.

The 25-year-old was out for a delivery when he drove by a burning building. He stopped, ran in to the burning home through the back door and helped four kids get out safe. But as they were leaving the kids told Bostic there was a fifth kid, a six-year-old girl still inside. 

Bostic ran back into the burning building and eventually found the girl. At this point the building was filled with smoke, flames growing by the second and Bostic could no longer get out via the back door. He carried the girl upstairs, punched out a second-floor window, and holding her tight jumped to safety. He brought the girl to first responders who by that point had arrived at the scene.

Bostic suffered smoke inhalation and deep cuts on his right arm. The girl, according to police, was miraculously mostly uninjured.

Bernie Sanders is known for being a cheap guy and is not one to spend money on things that don't matter. That is what makes his recent sit down with late-night comedy series duo Desus Nice and The Kid Mero so hilarious. 

Desus and Mero decide to take Bernie on a tour of the world of the Sneakerhead world.