FUN: That's not a squeaky toy


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I don't own a dog, but I did many moons ago. He had a little rubber disk that was his favourite toy. Every once in a while he'd get a new one, but he always went back to that little rubber disk. Among the toys that sat in a basket, not being played with, was a duck. It wasn't ultra-realistic but I always thought to myself "I wonder what would happen if he ever came across a real duck... Would he chase it thinking it's a toy? Would he expect it to squeak? Or would he just make a new friend?"

Well, the dog in this video is my answer.


It’s mother in the background yelling (ig: @yungcarter)

? original sound - Betch

Ads. Everyone gets tired of them but they help pay for the things we want for free. One business in Texas took that idea and decided to do some good with it.

FreeWater is the world's first fee beverage company. Brands pay to advertise on the bottles used to deliver water to people. The bottled water is 100% free and 10 cents from every bottle is donated to Austin-based Well Aware with a mission to solve the global water crisis.

The company's founder, Josh Cliffords, says to solve the water crisis, FreeWater only needs 10% of Americans to consume its product.

It's the ultimate win-win-win-win scenario. Brands are seen by consumers, FreeWater gets to continue operations, people get free water, work is being done in solving the global water crisis.