FUN: The internet is a bunch of goldfish


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A young woman was watching her friend's cat while they were away. In what should have been a cute proof of life video, the cat decided instead to give the woman a heart attack.

@dwebster12 Yeah… i’ll be sticking to dogs :) #StJudeDadPhotos #MakeNightsEpic ? original sound - Dwebster12

One of the things I love about the internet is that most people who spend lots of time online are like a goldfish. The second something leaves the page they're on they forget about it. It's why so many things go in cycles and the same video can go viral multiple times. Take for example, this masterfully edited video of Star Wars characters singing Smash Mouth's All Star. It went viral and the guy who posted it had to go as far changing his name to let everyone know he did not make the video it was made by the editors at the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon... in 2017.