FUN: Tom Brady is just better

Tom Brady

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Like him or not, Tom Brady is just better. At everything. It doesn't matter what you pick: Football, golf, cheating, making viral internet videos. Tom Brady is just better.

His latest TikTok video has the internet buzzing because it looks like he manages to pull off an amazing hole-in-one during a day of filming with a drone. Amazing!

But... This is the internet, so it is also popular because not many believe he actually made the shot. Want to know how to spot a potential fake? The non-drone footage only shows his reaction and never follows the ball. The momentum of the ball is off as it approaches the hole (Trust me; I spent many years working as a 3D animator).

@tombrady This is why you film every shot on the course… | @Ari Fararooy + @Shadow Lion ? original sound - Tom Brady

This video on the other hand is 100 per cent real and absolutely mind blowing to see a big whale in a harbor like that.