FUN: Turn the dial for more, or less, Christmas


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I know when it comes to the temperature of a room I am often in the minority in that I love it cold. By the definition of my coworkers it would be considered "freezing cold." 

As a dad, I fit right in to the stereotype constantly asking "did someone touch the heat?" everytime I notice even the slightest shift in temperature in my home. It's a stereotype for a reason, which is why so many dad's can relate to this Reddit post.

In a closet in my basement I have a large box filled with all of the CDs I had through High School and CEGEP. They have lived in that box for over a decade because I can listen to Bad Religion, Strung Out, Social Distortion and any other CD in the box by using my phone with no hastle. 

Some people prefer to keeps things physical.

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