FUN: Would the real Klay Thompson please stand up?


Identity theft is no joke. Pranking people by pretending to be someone else? That's pretty funny.

Dawson Gurley is a bit of a folk hero for Golden State Warrior fans. He was regularly seen during the basketball team's 2015, 2017 and 2018 NBA title runs and has been a topic of conversation during ESPN broadcasts and Warriors' media sessions.

Now the legend of Fake Klay may be no more as Gurley was banned for life from the Chase Center, the home of the Warriors. Why? Because he managed to walk into the arena, through several layers of security, and took some warm-up shots all while people believed he was in fact Klay Thompson.

I still maintain that when I was 18 I had the coolest job ever: a mystery shopper at La Ronde. Yeah. 

But Ben Palmer and his friends found a way funnier way to make some quick cash.



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