Justin Trudeau bungee jumping video shows prime minister taking a plunge


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a plunge this weekend when he decided to throw caution to the wind and go bungee jumping just outside of the Ottawa area on Sunday.

Dressed in a red flannel jacket, blue jeans and boots, Trudeau threw himself off the 200-foot (60-metre) bungee tower that overlooks a lagoon at Great Canadian Bungee in Chelsea, Que.

Video shows Trudeau standing at the edge of the platform before crossing his arms in front of him as he's counted down from five.

Without hesitation, the prime minister jumped from the platform head first with his arms spread out as plummeted towards the water, letting out a shout of sorts on the way down.

Footage posted by the company then shows Trudeau's head dunking into the blue water before springing back up towards the platform.

"You never know who you will encounter on the bungee tower at Great Canadian Bungee! Canadian Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau came to jump this morning with his son Xavier and daughter Ella-Grace," the company said in an Instagram post. "Props to them on some fantastic jumps and even some water dips!"

Trudeau's eldest child, Xavier, 14, and his daughter, Ella-Grace, 13, also joined in the family fun, risking their own lives by throwing themselves off the same platform.

According to the company's website: "All jumpers under 18 years old must present written parental consent before jumping."

According to the prime minister's public itinerary, he had taken personal day on Sunday

CTV News has reached out to the prime minister's office for comment.

Trudeau's bungee jump comes weeks after the prime minister made international headlines for singing Queen's 1975 classic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in a London, U.K., hotel piano bar just days before Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.