Montreal-area gas prices dip below $2-per-litre


Prices at the gas pumps dropped from record highs by almost 20 cents and dipped below $2 for the first time in months in the Greater Montreal Area over the weekend.

On Monday morning, the gas price tracking site listed multiple stations just off the Island of Montreal below $2, with the Shell in Saint-Zotique at the lowest price at $1.95 per litre for regular fuel.

On the Island of Montreal, stations' per-litre prices are hovering in the $2.01-$2.07 range. There are a handful of stations across the island currently at an even $2.

The prices come after crude oil prices slid from $122.11 a barrel on June 8 to $107.95 on July 4, according to the site

Here is a list of the cheapest prices in Quebec, according to gasbuddy:

  • Shell (195.9) - 501 Sainte-Catherine St., Saint-Zotique
  • Petroles Maurice (196.9) - 223 Saint-Luc Blvd., Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
  • Harois Petro T (197.9) - Route-132, Kahnawake
  • Esso (198.9) - 2005 Chemin de Saint-Jean, La Prairie
  • Ultramar (198.9) - 10 Champs Fleuris, La Prarie