Motion to recognize Montreal as city of excellence for metal music


City councillor for Saint-Henri—Little-Burgundy—Point-Saint-Charles and local music aficionado, Craig Sauvé along with fellow local metalheads are looking to have Montreal's metal scene recognized by Montreal City Council.

On Monday, April 15, Sauvé, backed by fellow councillors Sterling Downey and Jocelyn Pauzé, will table a motion at City Hall to have Montreal recognized as a city of excellence for metal music.

Montreal has given birth to countless metal bands such as Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Neuraxis, Beyond Creation, Despised Icon, and Slaves on Dope (featuring our own Jason Rockman) to name a few.

As per Sauvé's recent Facebook post, here is the full declaration that will be presented to Montreal City Council:

Declaration to recognize Montreal as a city of excellence for metal music

Whereas the city of Montreal is a cultural metropolis and has a cultural policy to consolidate the cultural and economic leadership of the metropolis and to showcase Montréal's cultural identity;

Whereas metal music has existed for more than 36 years in Quebec; and Montreal played a decisive role in its development;

Whereas the metal community is an essential part of the cultural ecosystem of Montreal and that metal music is anchored in the heart of our city;

Whereas metal music allows Montreal to shine on the world-stage;

Whereas Quebecois metal music, with Montreal as an epicenter, is recognized worldwide for its quality and the vitality of its local scene;

Whereas the metal music from Montreal has many groups that have been, and continue to be, successful at the local, national and global levels;

Whereas the city of Montreal, for more than three decades, has on its territory several music venues and shops specializing in metal music;

Whereas Montreal attracts many tourists who come to visit us so to attend many shows and festivals specializing in metal music;

Whereas several books have been written on the subject of the Quebec metal music scene and the important place occupied by Montreal in its cultural ecosystem;

It is proposed by Craig Sauvé, Councilor of the District Municipality of Saint-Henri-Est-Petite-Bourgogne-Pointe-Saint-Charles-Griffintown

Seconded by Sterling Downey, Councilor of the Beaumarchais District Municipality

Jocelyn Pauzé, Councilor of the District Municipality of Marie-Victorin;

And be it resolved:

That the City of Montreal underlines the important contribution of metal music to the cultural life of Montreal.

That the City of Montreal thanks all the individuals contributing to the local metal scene; be they creators, producers, broadcasters, promoters, journalists, radio hosts, web community managers or volunteers;

That the City of Montreal officially recognize itself as a city of excellence in the world of metal music