MUST SEE: When stunt people get married


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What happens when stunt people get married? Let's just say you can expect a wedding ceremony like no other.

I know vows often say "'Till death do us part," but there's no need to rush it.


Ambyr & Gabe met on set. Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring ??

? He's a Pirate & Jack Sparrow (From "Pirates of the Caribbean") - David Solís

There's a long standing joke that your cat is secretly trying to kill you. This woman's cat is not keeping it a secret at all.

"My cat hates everyone, she hates humans, she hates children, she hates other animals, she hates me, she hates anything that essentially breathes" the woman explains in a video shared with The Dodo.

Nanoos, the cat, though is absolutely in love with the young woman's father. When he's around she's a pretty cuddly cat.

Why would anyone keep a cat like this? 

"Cat's like Nanoos don't get adopted typically. My goal is just to make her have a happy life."