PSA: Stop camping the left lane


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Every year the Pinal County Sheriff's Office releases the same video and every year it goes viral. Why? How? Are they some wizards of the internet?

No. It's a public service announcement that doesn't only apply to Arizona, it's something motorists EVERYWHERE need to hear (*cough* people on Highway 20 west around 8:30 A.M. *cough*).

From one group of people who don't know how to drive to just this last guy.

It's pretty obvious that someone was not paying attention to the instructor before the race when they said "the brake is the one of the left." After two racers are involved in a small crash there's a chain of skilled stops to avoid a much larger pileup. Then there's the last guy. There's always one.

@betch thats one way to stop (via: @ohhellmann ? original sound - Betch