Was there a bear, or two, in DDO Monday night?


Some residents in Dollard-des-Ormeaux couldn't help but notice a large police presence in their neighbourhood Monday evening. They were there looking for something that should be in the woods, but not that neck of the woods.

A bear or two.

Montreal police did receive a call reporting a possible bear sighting at about 8:40 P.M. It was only one call from one witness. 

Without triggering any type of panda-monium, officers began searching an area between Sources and Sunnybrooke Blvds., from Highway 40 up to Hyman. 

Anyone out walking their dog was told by police to return home and keep their doors closed.

After an extensive search, police said they never found any bear in the area. There was no mention of tactics, such as picnic baskets or jars of honey, used in an attempt to lure any bear or bears out of hiding. 

So, was there a bear?

Maybe the individual who reported the sighting was mistaken, maybe Montreal has its own Ninja Bear similar to the one terrorizing Japan's Hokkaido prefecture since 2019, or maybe it was the beast of a racoon that somehow managed to completely flip my compost bin last Friday.

Montreal police were still in the area, along with an animal rescue group, Tuesday morning.