WATCH: Birdie! It's Miniature Golf Day!


September 21 is Miniature Golf Day. 

Although miniature golf courses were first conceived in Scotland in the 1800s to help golfers perfect their skills, the game was first created in 1916 by James Barber of Barber Steamship Lines. At the time, Barber hired a designer to create a miniature golf circuit on his property in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

An eventual spin-off of the game included a more eccentric "Tom Thumb" version which was developed by Frieda Carter in Chattanooga, Tennessee  It is believed that miniature golf, as we know it today, really took off in the 1930s.

Which brings us to the 1990s and Quebec's fascination with the game — a fascination that would pave the way to the "Défi mini-putt", a weekly miniature golf broadcast on RDS. The "défi" also gave birth to local miniature golf celebrities Sylvain Cazes, Ron "Le Grand Requin Blanc" Poliseno, Jocelyn Noël and Carl "Birdie" Carmoni.

Here are some highlights:


You can find out more about Carl Carmoni (and also buy merch) at

Miniature golf recently made a return to RDS with the "Coupe Mini-Putt" hosted by Serge Vleminckx and Carl Carmoni. You can watch some of those broadcasts below: