WATCH: Dennis DeYoung releases video for 'With All Due Respect'


Former Styx lead singer Dennis DeYoung has released a brand new video for one of his most recent tracks, "With All Due Respect".

The song featured on DeYoung's newest album, 26 East Vol. 1, is a commentary on the musician's perception of media in the United States.

In a YouTube video discussing the song, DeYoung says, "the news establishment has given into partisanship reporting masquerading as truth in a quest for more listeners, readers and viewers. They exacerbate our political differences into grand theater making us believe we are more divided than we are and for one reason, money. Money from advertisers. Higher ratings no matter the cost. Both sides are to blame."

Watch the music video for "With All Due Respect":

Watch DeYoung talking about the song:

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