WATCH: Laval woman's stolen car used in Ontario shopping mall smash-n-grab


When your car is stolen, there's a high chance you'll never see it again. But one Laval woman did see her stolen car again, in the strangest of places.

"Never in my life have I thought that I would see my car driving in the mall," Taylor-Anna Kobinger told CTV News.

Kobinger listed her 2011 Black Audi A4 on Facebook Marketplace as a way of raising money to put a down payment on a new home. On Sunday a man responded to her ad. Kobinger met the individual at a nearby park for a test drive, except after the man started driving dangerously Kobinger asked him to pull over so they could switch seats.

As soon as Kobinger exited the vehicle she says the man hit the gas and sped off.

“I tried to run after it. I fell. I slipped because I had rain boots,” she said. “And from that moment, I haven't seen my car.”

That is until police shared security footage from Vaughan Mills mall. Kobinger's car can be seen, being driven by two suspects, through the glass doors of one mall entrance at about 1:10 A.M. Wednesday. Police said the suspects then smash through the gate of an electronics store, grab what they can, hop back into the car and continue driving through the mall.

The video shows the car smashing through another entrance and then speeding away from the mall.

Police found the car on Wednesday, more than 550 km from her home in Laval. York Regional Police called Kobinger to let her know they found her now heavily damaged car.

“First, I cried, I freaked out because I don't have that kind of money to fix it,” Kobinger said when asked how she took the news.

Now Kobinger will have to travel to Ontario to retrieve her car and potentially cover the costs for the repairs.