Would you buy a scented candle that smells like the Big O?


Scented candles are all the rage these days. Maybe it's the fact that people have been spending more time at home or maybe it's just one of those weird trends.

We're all familiar with the basic go-to scents like vanilla, blueberry and apple cinnamon. Then, there are novelty scents that capture the essence of cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios.

Now, a local candle maker claims to have captured the scent of... Montreal's Olympic Stadium?!

That's right! Chandelles Funky is attempting to reignite the nostalgia of Jarry Park, the Big O and the Expos. So what does a Montreal Olympic Stdaium candle smell like? According to the maker, it's a mix of freshly-cut grass and leather. Each candle is also sprinkled with sand collected at the last Expos game on September 29, 2004 and includes an autographed Youppi! playing card.

Additional Chandelles Funky scents include banana popsicle, new car, Oreo cookie, maple cookie and more.