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    What's in Cookie Monster's Cookies!?

    A puppet wrangler spills the deets!

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    Help! My friends are hanging out without me!

    Hi Marilyn, Jamar & Caitlin!

    I’m in my feelings about two friends of mine who *I* connected – who are now hanging out without me. They are two great friends who hadn’t ever met each other (one is a former co-worker and the other is a long-time friend from high school) so I introduced them for a little girls night and they really hit it off. At first it was great, we had a group chat and the three of us hung out a few more times….but then they formed their own friendship and it feels like they sort of stopped including me. One of them invited the other to a concert and I thought – no big deal, I’m not a huge fan of that artist. Then I was at a party with  my high school girlfriends and who walks in….my former co-worker friend! I didn’t even know she was coming! Now they have a girls weekend planned and they didn’t even think to include me. YES they are both single and I’m married but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hang out with them! I’m really hurt and annoyed – but my debate is: is it worth bringing up to them or should I leave it alone because I will look petty? What should I do?


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