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    Bed, Bath & Booze?

    Bed, Bath & Beyond is trending because they don't want to pay for A/C in their stores. Marilyn, Jamar & Azalea just came out with their next million dollar marketing campaign.
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    Last Day of School/Superstar Custodian/TikTok

    Caitlin Green has her final What's Trending for you, while she takes a (well-deserved) extended vacation!
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    Jamar shows Caitlin his weenus

    It's always a party in the CHUM studios and today is no different. Jamar & Meredith teach Caitlin what a "Weenus" is. Do you know?
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    Travis Barker/Mandy Moore/Bill Hader

    Caitlin Green gives you What's Trending today. Travis Barker was sent to the hospital, Mandy Moore's tour has been cancelled, and Bill Hader is a bad "break-er-up-er".