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    Rihanna Super Bowl Half Time Show & S'mores Pepsi

    Last week we found out Pepsi will no longer be the sponsor of the Super Bowl Half Time show and Apple Music would be taking over.  Yesterday we found out Rihanna will be performing at the game, after Taylor Swift turned it down.  Speaking off Pepsi, they want you to make a soda cocktail.  They've created the S'mores Pepsi. 

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    The Next 007

    Daniel Craig's run as 007 James Bond has come to an end.  Producers of the movies have said they're looking for someone who will play the character for the next decade or so.  We'll find out who will be the next villain before the next Bond. 

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    What's the best way to drink coffee?

    The great debate is on to figure out what the best way to drink coffee is.  Turns out their are different benefits from drinking hot, cold, or iced coffee.  Find out what the benefits are.