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    Tom Hanks has 4 'Pretty Good" Movies?

    Tom Hanks has recently said he believes he's only done 4 'pretty good' movies and we couldn't disagree more.  We share our favorite Tom Hanks movies and hear what yours are.

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    Becoming Elizabeth, A Trip to Infinity, & The Patient

    Looking for something to watch?  Here's our watchlist.

    Marilyn Denis - Becoming Elizabeth

    Jamar - A Trip to Infinity

    Azalea - The Patient

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    Coolio, M&M's, & Elton John

    American rapper Coolio has passed away at the age of 59.  Coolio was know for the Grammy winning song "Gangsta's Paradise" which was featured in the film "Dangerous Minds".  M&M's have introduced their first new character in a decade, Purple, a female peanut M&M.  Purple stared in a music video "I'm Just Gonna Be Me".  Elton John might be walking the streets of Toronto after purchasing a penthouse condo KING Toronto.