My Girlfriend Wants To Become IG Official


Hey CHUM friends,

I need your take on when it’s too soon to go Instagram official…

I’ve been seeing a girl for a little over a month. Things are going well and we get along great, but recently she posted me on her Instagram in a very couple-y photo and it has kind of given me cold feet. We were out for a coffee and a walk in High Park and she had been taking photos along the way. I sort of posed for a few so I knew she was taking them – it wasn’t covert – but then later that night when I was at home I get an alert that I’m tagged in the photo and the caption said “Why fall is my favourite season” with a heart emoji after. It’s a really sweet post but it felt like it was a bit soon. We haven’t had a chat about going exclusive and while I’m not dating anyone else – I could have been! I also just think it seems like it’s a premature announcement and it makes me feel like we might be in different places emotionally? I haven’t brought up my feelings because I don’t want to hurt hers or sound mean but…I feel like I’ve been avoiding her a bit since the post.

Do I just ignore it or should I bring up how it made me feel?