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Aiko Iwashita


You may have children ... I have chowdren! Hi I'm Aiko, pronounced i-ko, in Japanese it translates into "love child" #peaceandlove.

I am an animal lover, and my husband and I are the proud parents of two Chow Chows named Holly Chow and Miso Chow.  Music, TV, Shopping and Crossfit are just some of my passions.  Follow me on instagram to see my random "life" pics and the occasional selfie #guilty.

I feel like I've grown up with you guys right here on K-Lite.  I started in 2002 and have been behind the mic in some way shape or form for the whole time.  From weekends, to producing the Sunni and Hayes Morning Show to middays and now afternoons.  I thank you all for listening to K-Lite and bringing us into your lives.  You are my friends and my family!! Catch me Weekdays on the drive home from 2pm-7pm on 102.9 K-Lite.