What's That Noise?


Play CHUM 104.5's  What's That Noise? contest

Starting January 2nd with Marilyn Denis & Jamar, we will play a mystery noise. Listen for the "noise" at 7am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm. 

Be the 25th caller at 416-870-1045 when you hear the noise then tell us what you think it is. If you are correct you could win a lot of CA$H! 

We will start every new contest with a jackpot of $2020.00. If our 25th caller doesn't correctly identify the noise we'll add $104 dollars to the jackpot and so on and so on.

Be sure to listen closely to CHUM 104.5 at 7am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm! 

Incorrect Guesses:
Tuesday, January 7th - 11am:
Scotch Tape Dispenser 
Tuesday, January 7th - 1pm: Retractable Tape Measure
Tuesday, January 7th - 4pm: Automatic Staple Gun
​Tuesday, January 7th - 7pm: Zipties
Wednesday, January 8th - 7am: Coin operated laundry machine
Wednesday, January 8th - 11am: Coins going down a vending machine
Wednesday, January 8th - 1pm: Price tag label gun
Wednesday, January 8th - 4pm: Cracking an ice cube tray
Wednesday, January 8th - 7pm: Cocking a gun
Thursday, January 9th - 7am: Self-inking stamp
Thursday, January 9th - 11am: A Money Order Machine 
Thursday, January 9th - 1pm: Typewriter
Thursday, January 9th - 4pm: Electric Stapler 
Thursday, January 9th - 7pm: Old school gumball machine
Friday, January 10th - 7am: Credit card imprinter
Friday, January 10th - 11am: Crushing a can
Friday, January 10th - 1pm: Tearing Paper 
Friday, January 10th - 4pm: Taking a picture with a professional camera 
Friday, January 10th - 7pm: CD changing over when there is more than one CD

Monday, January 13th - 7am: Rubik's Cube
Monday, January 13th - 11am: A photocopier 
Monday, January 13th - 1pm: Splitting and Shuffling a Deck of Cards
Monday, January 13th - 4pm: Caulking Gun
Monday, January 13th - 7pm: Turnstile
Tuesday, January 14th - 7am: Baby rattle
Tuesday, January 14th - 11am: A roofer's nail gun
Tuesday, January 14th - 1pm: Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Tuesday, January 14th - 4pm: Metal spinny party favours
Tuesday, January 14th - 7pm: Utility Knife
Wednesday, January 15th - 7am: Slide Projector
Wednesday, January 15th - 11am: Ice Scraper 
Wednesday, January 15th - 1pm: Sandpaper
Wednesday, January 15th - 4pm: Cracking Eggs into a Pan
Wednesday, January 15th - 7pm: Starting a BBQ
Thursday, January 16th - 7am: Shaking of hard candy 
Thursday, January 16th - 11am: Shaking a box of tic tacs
Thursday, January 16th - 1pm: Opening a bag of chips
Thursday, January 16th - 4pm: Opening and closing a Keurig Coffee Maker 
Thursday, January 16th - 7pm: Calculator that prints
Friday, January 17th - 7am: Opening a letter with a letter opener
Friday, January 17th - 11am: Kid's Viewfinder 
Friday, January 17th - 1pm: Shaking a piggy bank

Friday, January 17th - 4pm:  Parking ticket machine

Friday January 17th - 7pm: Salt & Pepper Grinder

Current Jackpot Total: $6706.00


What's That Noise Winners!

Friday, January 3:   Phil from Whitby won $2,540.00 for his correct guess: A toaster popping.
Friday, January 3:   
Arun from Brampton won $2124.00 for his correct guess: Velcro.
Tuesday, January 7: Tammi from Parry Sound won $2748.00 for her correct guess: Someone crunching on snow.( stepping on crunchy snow)

No purchase necessary.  Contest starts at 7:00AM ET on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 – closes at 7:00PM  ET on Friday, January 31st, 2020.  Open to legal residents of Ontario, Canada who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.  Some restrictions apply.  Correct answer to a mathematical skill testing question required. All prizing must be picked up at Bell Media Toronto, no prize can be mailed.