Country Stars React To Roe V. Wade Decision


A few country music stars weighed in this past weekend on Friday’s announcement that the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

“This is America,” tweeted Maren Morris, along with a sad emoji. In response to a tweet about “the silence from the men in country music,” she commented: “Guess we’re just here to raise your babies to not grow up to be cowboys.”

Margo Price wrote simply: “Riot girl summer.”

At The Chicks concert in Toronto, the crowd erupted in cheers when Natalie Maines echoed Phoebe Bridgers. “F**k the Supreme Court,” she said.

Maines added: “You do what you want to do with your body, I’ll do what I want to do with my body… we’ll call it a day.”

Cassadee Pope called the decision “sickening.” She tweeted: “The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing states to ban abortion and control our bodies. I am heartbroken and angry.”


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Montreal-born country singer Allison Russell tweeted and retweeted several messages about the ruling. “They have already declared that they're coming for same sex intimacy and marriage and the access to contraception next,” she wrote. “I feel sick. I feel scared. I feel determined to RESIST. This is not my Dream of America. Is it yours?”

Breland said he felt compelled to add to the condemnation of the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I believe this Supreme Court ruling requires both men and women to use their platforms to speak out,” he wrote in a message shared on social media.

“This is a civil rights issue, and all signs point toward this decision being the beginning of a set of similar rulings that could also affect the rights of many other communities of Americans.”

Breland promised to repost “the anonymous experiences of whatever women choose to share them, so their stories can be amplified.”

In the replies, most fans thanked the 26-year-old singer for taking a stand.

“The Country music scene is lucky to have Breland,” read one. “It’s a shame that it doesn’t realize it and the people at the top will have had some kind of hissy fit that he dared to show an opinion in this largely opinionless genre.”

Breland later tweeted: “I would rather go broke doing the right thing than make a fortune being silently complicit in the wrong thing.”

Brandi Carlile shared a message of hope. “The harrowing and unprecedented decision made by SCOTUS today does not represent the heart and soul of the faces I see everyday in America,” she wrote. “The politics and policies don’t match the people. We outnumber the oppressors and we are unstoppable when we realize that and vote as a revolutionary body.

“This can be undone.”

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