Crave TV LGBTQ Shows And Movies


Pride month is here which means it’s time to binge all your LGBTQ favourites on Crave TV! There are endless amounts of TV shows and movies to keep you busy even after Pride month has come and gone.

TV Shows:


Available: Season 1

This brand new show only came out last month and is doing something not often seen on TV, portraying the queer Latinx community. The story follows two Mexican/American sisters who couldn’t more different. Circumstances forced them back to their old neighbourhood in the Eastside of Los Angeles where they are confronted with their mother’s secret life. It’s a quick watch too, with only six half hour episodes in its first season.


The L Word

Available: Season 1-6

This series was a staple for many queer youth throughout the 2000s. It portrays the lives of a group of lesbian and bisexual friends living in Los Angeles and the drama that comes with it. They date, break up, hook up, get back together all while exploring the dynamic between their large group of friends. You’ll quickly find yourself rooting for your favourite character while binging all six seasons that are available on Crave.


The Real L Word

Available: Season 1-3

With the success of The L Word, a reality show spinoff was created several years later to show what life is like amongst a LGBT group of women living in Los Angeles and New York. Cameras are on in every aspect of these friend’s lives, whether they are going on dates, hosting parties, or getting into arguments. The show captivates all the best aspects of any reality show, not shying away from the real life drama of these West Hollywood lesbians.



Available: Season 1-2

This HBO comedy/drama series follows three best friends living in San Francisco while they explore the complexities of gay relationships both in love and in life. The show follows Patrick Murray, a 29 year old video game designer, aspiring restaurateur Dom and artist’s assistant Agustin as they navigate life, relationships and careers in modern day San Francisco.




For LGBT people, their sexuality isn’t the only thing that doesn’t conform to the modern world. Things like finding a properly fitted suit for gender-nonconforming and transgender individuals can be a difficult task. This documentary follows Clothier duo Rae and Daniel take a unique approach to creating the perfect suit for every client while exploring the relationship between gender and clothing throughout history.

A Family Is A Family Is A Family

This documentary created by Rosie O’Donnell takes a look at the diverse amount of non-traditional families. It showcases the diversity in many families that includes children growing up with gay, lesbian, biracial parents, to single parent homes and adoption. While talking to children and parents, this heartfelt documentary shows that even though we may grow up differently, in the end we are all equal.


The Out List

The unique thing about the LGBT community is that everyone’s coming out experience is different. This interview series talks to a diverse amount of LGBT celebrities and personalities about how they overcame their individual struggles and coming out experiences. Talking to people like Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Janet Mock, and Cynthia Nixon you’ll find yourself captivated by each of their stories.