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Experience the magic of more than a million lights at Journey To Enchantment!

You’ll encounter dazzling animated displays, static displays, music shows, simulated starburst fireworks lights, and a spectacular tunnel as you drive through in the comfort of your own vehicle. The 1.6 km route will impress and amaze you!As enchantment means a sense of great enjoyment and pleasure, particularly as something is delightful, our company’s name Journey into Enchantment is exactly as it says: A travel into the delight, as if under a spell but in a heartwarming way and with a feeling of bliss.

A Christmas Drive Thru is an opportunity to enjoy your holiday! You can feel and imagine as if you are entering a wonderful Christmas land as soon as you drive on the ground!

This is a wonderful occasion for you and your family to spend and celebrate Christmas! Journey into Enchantment’s Christmas Drive Thru is taking place at Angus Glen Golf Club. Join us for the most surreal experience and magical event near the Greater Toronto Area, this Christmas!

Enjoy the enchantment of over a million lights, bright animated and static displays, music performances, starburst virtual illumination, and the dazzling lights in your vehicle convenience and comfort. Help us collect $100,000 for the Sick Kids Hospital and $20,000 for Toronto Animal Shelter for each ticket you purchase.