Support Toronto's Black Community


Following the death of George Floyd, protests and long overdue conversations on racism have been sparked worldwide.

In the wake of Floyd's death, many are asking how to support, educate and donate to Black initiatives and organizations both locally and globally. 

Whether it's by attending protests, donating time or money, or dedicating time and space to researching and learning.. there is certainly no shortage of ways to show your solidarity. 

Amplifying Black voices is not only important, it is imperative. 
It is time to show up, speak up, and act. 

Below are links of resources and recommendations. 


Justice For Regis

Black Lives Matter Toronto

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, - CURRENTLY PAUSED

The Bail Project

The Movement For Black Lives
Across Boundaries
The Black Business And Professional Association
Black Legal Action Centre
Black Health Alliance
Black Youth Helpline