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  • ASHLEY: Do parents REALLY have a favourite child?

    Among adults who have siblings, 33 percent believe that their mother has a favorite child. About one in five (22%) also believe that their dad has a favorite kid. 

    Jaime Pressly recently admitted her 12-year-old son is her favourite. She adds that, "EVERY parent has a favourite whether they say it or not." 

    Sooooo parents of multiple children, do you have a favourite?

  • ASHLEY: What's Poppin' in T.O. (Oct 16)

    Girl Expo Canada (Oct 20)

    Girl Expo Canada is coming to the International Centre 


    An Elton John pop-up is coming to Toronto (Oct 21)

    To celebrate the release of Elton John’s first and only official autobiography, Me a pop up is making it’s way to 277 Queen Street West, on Monday (October 21)


    Airbnb Animal Experiences

    Airbnb has announced a new series of Animal Experiences


    Impulse 2019 (Oct 25 – Nov 12)

     A new, interactive art exhibit is opening this winter, Winter Stations is an international design competition that takes place along Toronto's waterfront. 

  • ASHLEY: What's Poppin' in T.O. (Oct 9)

    Where to see the “Friends” couch this weekend

    Raptors 25th anniversary season is full swing

    World Poutine Eating Championship 2019 coming to TO

    Toronto is getting a Starcourt Mall

    The Bentway is hosting a dog-friendly Halloween party

  • ASHLEY: Weirdest Prenup Demands

    More millennials in North America are getting prenups according to research, but how ridiculous are the demands getting? Lawyers are revealing some of the "Weirdest Prenup Demands" they've ever seen

  • RICHIE: When Pop Stars get SPOOKY!

    A who's who of horror movie cameos by your favourite artists!

  • ASHLEY: What's Poppin' in T.O. (Oct 2)

    A Streetcar Named Toronto

    Toronto Pumpkinfest (Oct 12-14)

    Pumpkins After Dark (until Nov 3 Thursday –Sunday)

    World of Dance: Live Looking for Local Dancers