Horoscopes - Friday Oct 25

  • Aries – Don’t have so much fun today that you forget check on others around you. It’s easy to get lost in the glory, but others might have trouble keeping up. Leaving people in dust makes you look like a jerk...but reaching back to pull them up? Hero. Make sure that your peeps are feeling just as good as you. It’s worth it. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is copper.
  • Taurus – You may not be “impressed” with the energy around you today, but that doesn't mean that you should be miserable. If you see something that doesn't work for you, say something! You’d be surprised to hear how much support you have. You have a powerful energy...it’s cool to use that power for good. Your day is a 5. Your energy color is blue.
  • Gemini – You know what they say about going against the flow...all that extra effort and it never gets you anywhere. Some maybe if set your sights on something downstream, you can use the momentum to not only help you – but PUSH you into the current.  Don't bother trying to reinvent the oar...just float, baby. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is green.
  • Cancer – When it comes to dominance in a situation, what’s more important to you – winning or the right result? Defending your territory, but there’s no reason you should feel threatened – so ease up, will you? You’re on the verge of turning everyone off in a big way. Like the song says: Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. Your day is a 5. Your energy color is red.
  • Leo – Don’t hesitate to dive into whatever project that suits you today. Play your cards right and this’ll turn into one of those “nothing but blue skies” situations. Happiness is infectious...and when it’s added to a work environment? Major success. And wouldn’t it be nice to get all the credit? Go on, Lion – ROAR. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is white.
  • Virgo – The New Moon this week has tides – and emotions – running high. As a true Virgo, you have a tendency to exaggerate things...add that to an emotional day and you’re staring down at a hot mess express. The key? Count to five before responding to major questions. Don’t? You’ll create more enemies than friends. Your day is a 4. Your energy color is maroon.
  • Libra – You’re at emotional extremes today...and you run the risk of losing control of them. Breathe before you speak...and understand that you might be seeing or hearing trouble that isn’t there. Give the benefit of the doubt – wouldn’t you want that on a day like this? Your day is 3. Your energy color is black.
  • Scorpio – Instead of shrinking away into yourself today, open up! You have a caring and sensitive heart...the more open you are, the more people can give you your due and recognize it. Honest communication leads to deeper connections...and in your love relationship? Passion. Go gitcha some. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is gold.
  • Sagittarius – The New Moon has brought new energy into your sphere...but it’s up to you to direct it. Focus can help you nourish you nourish your soul...and when you’re “fed,” the world is a pretty wonderful place. And one other thing, learn to take a compliment...you’ll be getting some from unexpected sources today! Your day is a 7. Your energy color tan.
  • Capricorn – How about a dinner party this weekend? You’ve been feeling disconnected from the world and your people.. What better way to bust your funk that food and wine?  You make the main (or order it) and have everyone contribute a little something. The mood, the music and laughter? You’ll be right as rain in no time. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is pearl.
  • Aquarius – You just need to take the first step – like getting out of bed – and the rest of the way will be a piece of cake. A little coffee or smoothie on board and you’ll be on your way to wiping out the rest of the week’s to do list without even breaking a sweat. Then comes the best part: Friday night with your favorite person (or people). Your day is a 7. Your energy color is blush.
  • Pisces – Just because people ask you to do things all the time, doesn’t mean you have to say yes – be selective. You’ve been so focused on work and your success, which is fine...but you’re also a total drag when you’re exhausted. Plan “busy times” into your schedule so that you’re only focus is YOU today. “They” can have you back on Monday.  Your day is a 6. Your energy color is bronze.