Horoscopes - Monday, January 13


·        Aries – Uranus is making its way into your social sector and should make it easier for you to stand up for yourself. You can be a little bit of a pushover, and while it’s fine to make sure that the people around you are happy...it doesn’t mean you need to be unhappy. Now’s the time for you to stand up for yourself. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is blue.

·        Taurus – Jupiter is in your sign, which is great for a Monday, because it’ll be easier to ease yourself back into the game rather than push ahead. A big thing? Listen to yourself about your needs, but WAIT to launch major initiatives. The name of the game is patience, nothing good ever comes from people who rush things. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is red.

·        Gemini - Uranus has turned into your Twelfth House (of  Soul Growth & Undoing, Privacy & Secrets), and this shift can awaken unacknowledged feelings, desires and needs. Stay confident – you’ll need the juice for troubling times coming down the line. Today is one of those great days, however – that help fill that tank. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is pink.

·        Cancer – The Moon moves into your Second House (of Self-Worth and Money) today, making this time useful for centering yourself, getting comfortable with “you.” You’re going to feel like a new person, and will be motivated to finally dive into your New Year resolutions AND be able to stick to them. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is green.

·        Leo – Mars has turned direct and that’ll awaken your snoozing desire to make changes in your life. You’ve been feeling kind of “meh” – and now that the fog has cleared, you’ll see what you have to do. Once you figure it out, prepare to work hard, but don't freak out, there’s something very rewarding coming with the change. Your day is a 6. Your energy color is black.

·        Virgo - A Saturn-Pluto alignment will affect your happiness today. In fact, it’s going to transform how you express yourself! It’s all about inner happiness and you’ll finally be able to find open up and score some extra happiness in your love life. Get ready to go “next level” with yourself...and if coupled, your boo, too. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is white.

·        Libra – The Moon’s move into your social sector favors taking things easy and enjoying your favorite people. Getting along with strangers will also come very easy for you today. You’ll be reminded about the important of “care and feeding” relationships. A great case of “you get what you give. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is rose gold.

·        Scorpio - Mercury is making this week a time of reflection for you, so take today to really look at what’s working for you – and what’s not. Then you can luxuriate in finding solutions. And PS? There’s no shame in needing help, just make sure you’re investing your “stuff” with the right person. Your day is a 5. Your energy color is grey.

·        Sagittarius – Venus moves in harmony with your sign today, and influences that enhance your communications, charms and appeal are in play. You can definitely see the big picture now, you’re able to see the good in your life and able to find the joy! And hold onto that feeling...a bumpy road is coming, just today. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is brown.

·        Capricorn – Jupiter is gleaming in your sign today, and his energy will help you with sticking to those new resolutions you’ve taken on. Something else? The realization that you’re not defined by your past...that YOU ALONE are defining your future. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is purple.

·        Aquarius – Don’t be afraid to time off to tend to a friend. We all need “mental health” days – and sometimes, a friend can make them fun! Pluto’s energy will help you navigate being a counselor, a cheerleader...and just a great shoulder. You derive a lot of pleasure from helping others...and you’ll get plenty today. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is maroon.

·        Pisces - Venus is in your Eleventh House (of Aspirations & Personal Goals, Groups) today – and you’ll feel the “heat” of all those eyes on you. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but knowing that you’re cosmically ‘on fire?’ It’s going to feel amazing, too! You’re about to make some important leaps personally AND professionally. Your day is a 10. Your energy color is yellow.