Horoscopes - Tuesday January 14


·        Aries – You are going to be especially motivated to make changes in your life today. Your instincts are strong and know that sometimes, a minor tweak is all you need for a big shift. Jupiter is in your Sixth House (of Work and Health) and will help you find the most efficient way to get things done. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is grey.

·        Taurus – Having ideas is GREAT, but if you don’t have a handle on execution, what good is it? Today is all about perspective. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know what you DON’T know – ask for help. With Mars entering your Ninth House (of Belief Systems and Higher Learning) you won’t feel nervous about going forward. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is white.

·        Gemini – Today’s not the day to accept anything at face value. Smiling faces can be deceiving, and like the old saying goes, “If it seems to good to be true – it probably is.” Saturn is in your Twelfth House (of Soul Growth & Undoing, Privacy & Secrets) – and will help you get wise! Don’t squander the lesson Your day is 6. Your energy color is black.

·        Cancer – Today is a great day for reminders about drawing – and maintaining – boundaries. It’s tough to feel like ‘the bad guy,’ but anyone who really respects you, will honor your lines in the sand. With Venus in your Eighth House (of Transformation & Sexuality) you’ll ultimately clear the fog and see the bigger picture. Just not this minute. Your day is a 4. Your energy color is red.

·        Leo - You’re finding many reasons to love life in 2020. Much of this revolves around the desire to explore. But first? Organize your life a little. To help you along the way? Pluto is in your Eleventh House (of Aspirations & Personal Goals, Groups) to give you that little nudge you need. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is blue.

·        Virgo – The cosmic energy is focused and intense today. Any latent jealousies or resident can come to surface, and not just for you, but for those around you. The Moon is ascendant in you Sixth House (of Work and Health) and that’ll help you sort this mess of emotions and help you get over this hurdle. Your day is a 5. Your energy color is green.

·        Libra - A Saturn-Pluto alignment in your home and family sector emphasizes the need to simplify things in your personal life. You feel the pressure to pull something apart so that you can rebuild it from the ground up. Why “fix” what isn’t broken? Relax, enjoy your station in life – today is ALL good. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is purple.

·        Scorpio - While the need to gain more control over our lives can feel pressing, its important to guard against your temperamental side. To help smooth your edges? Venus is in your Third House (of Communication) help you stay focused and clear. Your day is a 6. Your energy color is yellow.

·        Sagittarius - You’re motivated to make some much needed change in your inner self, but do it because YOU are inspired, not because someone telling you it needs to happen. Pluto is going to be in your Fourth House (of Family, Home, Roots & Security), and will help find the answers that you need. Your day is a 7. Your energy color is rose gold.

·        Capricorn – You’ve been too bogged down with work – so DO accept the invitation coming your way to go let your hair down. With Mercury in your First House (of Self Image), you’ll be renewed with the energy personally and professionally. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is pink.

·        Aquarius – The Sun’s yearly alignment with Saturn happens today and that means chaos, usually. But you’ve got reinforcements in your family and friends...so accept their counsel! This is going to take some time and a lot of effort on your side but when everything is said and done you’re going to be so happy. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is maroon.

·        Pisces - There can be a some intensity around friendships today. You’re going to need to put your big boy/girl pants on and talk about the issues at hand honestly. If there’s good news, it’s that Venus is in your Third House (of Communication). You’ll have access to her energy – just USE it. Your day is a 4. Your energy color is brown.