Definitely check out Deerhurst and Hidden Valley!


The NEWSTALK ski team has just returned from a fantastic weekend of skiing, tremendous scenery, tons of fresh air and delicious cuisine in north Muskoka. 

We had the pleasure of staying at Deerhurst Resort and skiing at Hidden Valley Highlands just 2 mins away.  Both are 10mins from Huntsville and about 45 mins to Algonquin Parks East Gate. 

Deerhurst Resort

As you'll see from some of the photos, it was a gorgeous weekend with some sun and cold temperatures.  We had the pleasure of staying at Deerhurst's newly renovated Lakeside Lodge overlooking Peninsula Lake.  Our room was very unique with both sunrise and sunset views which is almost unheard of. 

Deerhurst Resort

Due to Covid restrictions not all the amenities were open but we could use the indoor pool with reservations and a maximum of 10 people, much like the dining rooms.  The spa was open for restricted services but still open to see. 

I was really impressed with the Eclipse Dining Room and it's cathedral view of Peninsula Lake, especially walking through the air gallery to the hostess counter.  Where else can you find an exceptional art gallery leading into a dining room..only Deerhurst resort.   It's filled with local works of art that you can buy at very reasonable prices. The food certainly eclipsed our expectations and a real treat to enjoy after a long day of skiing. We also enjoyed their convenient in room dining thanks to staff delivering to your door with the same food and quality you'd expect from this 5 star resort. 

Deerhurst Resort

I was also talking to Director of Marketing, Laura Kennedy and she said people are hungry to get out enjoying Muskoka's fresh air and change of scenery so weekends are starting to get busy after the lock down.  She also recommends booking any spring or summer vacations NOW with everything from a standard rooms to suites and cottages at rates that will pleasantly surprise you. 

Deerhurst and summer fun go hand and hand with tons of activities and beaches for the entire family. 

Deerhurst Resort

As for skiing, thanks to Courtney and Andrew for making our day very enjoyable.  Hidden Valley is the only ski  resort in Muskoka and has hills for every level..and very small lift lines. It's known as the family friendly resort and that certainly shines through with friendly staff and an open cafeteria restricted to just 10 people at a time. 

Hidden Valley is a semi private ski resort, also known as Muskoka Ski Club.  It turned semi private back in 1971 and memberships are still available at very reasonable rates for the entire family.  You can get in a full day of skiing in just a few hours with half day tickets which I really love. 

Ski hard for 4 hours and with small lift lines you can get in a full day of runs..You'll be challenged with some very steep runs along with longer easier greens. 

Deerhurst Resort

Our Muskoka 2 day adventure didn't stop there.. We also enjoyed another outstanding dining experience...the very cool 3 Guys and Stove restaurant just 5 mins down the highway heading into Huntsville on the lake side...The restaurant is really cool and you can't miss it with a unique cottage look and welcoming ambiance.  Whats also really cool, the  main entrance takes you right by the open main kitchen so you can ask the friendly executive chefs for any recommendations.   We enjoyed a pre-selected sample menu that rivals any food or service you'll find in Muskoka or Toronto.  Jeff was our host and chef... served up a 5 course meal with everything from delicious seafood to local beef tenderloin.  And the 3 course desert offering was something out of a fine dining spot in any big city but it's right in the heart of ski and snowmobile country. 

There' two levels with a maximum of 10 on each floor so plenty of opportunity to make a reservation with two sittings at 6 and 8pm.  If you're planning on treating yourself, make early reservations because it's one of the most popular restaurants in the area and well worth it. 

All in all, our Muskoka experience was outstanding and can't wait to return again.  Deerhurst Resort won't disappoint along with your ski day at Hidden Valley Highlands which will be open through Easter. 

Both destinations will make your Muskoka experience that much more enjoyable!