St. Lawrence Market


Once again the NEWSTALK winter activity team is on the move..We're still waiting for the slopes to re open but in the meantime we're concentrating on all the great family activities to do in Toronto. 

We will not be traveling to ski country for any reports abiding by the government ask to not travel and stay at home.

There are so many opportunities to enjoy in this great city of ours despite the Covid shut down. 

We'll be traveling to the St. Lawrence of Toronto's true gems to see what we can buy and how to shop around Covid protocol. 

The St Lawrence Market is a heritage site and one that certainly supports small business.  Due to Covid there's no casual walking around but we'll check out all the great things to buy and do at St Lawrence Market over the weekend. 

I'm still hoping to experience the famous back bacon on a bun but will keep you posted Sat and Sun mornings starting at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 on the Dave Trafford Show on NEWSTALK 1010. 


Then I'll be heading to one of the coolest parks in all of Toronto and actually all of Canada...High Park just north of the Gardner.

It's the 2nd largest park in Toronto next to Centennial Park.. it's Bloor St West in Toronto's west end.  The park is over 400 acres and offers so many things to do for the entire family with gardens and playgrounds. 

With Covid, many activities and attractions are shut down but you can still enjoy miles of walking and biking trails. Closed will be their sports center with pool and soccer center and cultural center.  Unfortunately due to Covid the popular zoo is also closed along with the 300 seat Grenadier restaurant. 

The park is hilly so wear proper walking shoes and watch for the NEWSTALK Pizzaville Audi Etron to win a $25 gift card from Pizzaville... And if you're thinking about dinner tonite how about this festive special..Hedbanz special...Two large pizzas..6 toppings combined plus potato wedges or a free Hedbanz game worth roughly $20..all for the price of $'s easy to order...#3636 on your cell..on the Pizzaville app or a great weekend and happy new year!