How to get CHUM 104-5 on Google Home
CHUM 104-5 is now available via Google Assistant on phones and smart speakers like Google Home.
You can connect to us at any time with a command such as "Hey Google, play CHUM 104-5."

How to get CHUM 104.5 on Amazon Alexa
Listening to CHUM on your Amazon Alexa is easy!
To configure your Alexa to play CHUM 104-5, simply say: “Alexa, ENABLE CHUM 104-5.”
Then just ask Alexa to “Open CHUM 104-5”

How to get CHUM 104-5 on Apple Homepod
To connect to CHUM on your Apple Homepod, simply say "Hey Siri, play me CHUM 104-5."