CJ104 Crime of the Week

CJ104 Crime of the Week


Crime Stoppers and the RCMP Drug and Organized Crime Awareness Service are asking the public to report any activity relating to the production and distribution of synthetic drugs. Synthetic drugs, such as methamphetamine, and their potentially lethal effects seem to be underestimated by many people. These illegal drugs are produced and distributed by criminals who mix highly addictive, harmful and toxic chemicals together. It is impossible to tell what is in these extremely addictive pills, and the people selling them are only concerned about profit. Their consumption can have very negative medical effects and can cause death.  If you have any information concerning the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs, contact Crime Stoppers and help protect our children, our youth and the well being of our communities.

What happens when you contact Crime Stoppers?

When you contact Crime Stoppers anonymously using the phone or the computer, never give or reveal your name.  You will be given a tipster identification code number. This will be the only way of identifying you when you call back and receive instructions on how to collect your cash award. You must never share this number with anyone or let anybody know you contacted Crime Stoppers.

The CJ104 Crime of the Week is brought to you by Canadian Tire in Woodstock.