CJ104 Crime of the Week

CJ104 Crime of the Week


Woodstock Police are investigating a hit and run accident that occurred on Mon. Aug. 19, 2019 at approximately 2:00 PM at the intersection of Chapel Street and Main Street. Anyone with information regarding this accident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.


Law enforcement agencies report they have recently seen an increase in fraudulent phone calls and emails from criminals in our region making a variety of financial requests such as purchasing gift cards and forwarding to them the bar code found on the card, asking for personal financial information, ask you to complete a survey with personal information in particular credit card and banking information where you will receive some form of reimbursement from them for your time, a request to update your profile, or promise you some kind of incentive in an attempt to trick you into disclosing your bank account details or other sensitive information.  Never provide your personal information over the phone or computer to anyone, particularly a complete stranger most likely in some foreign country far away. Be cautious about posting personal information on public websites, such as social networking sites.  Your passwords should be changed and create not easy, difficult to guess passwords. Upon receipt of these types of requests, do not open them, simply delete.  These are frauds and scams to get access to your money.

The Crime Stoppers New Brunswick Crime of the Week is brought to you by Keenan Construction, The Concrete and Excavation Experts, in Woodstock.