**Updated** Results for New Brunswick's 40th General Election

New Brunswick

**Updated at 11:00 p.m.**

Elections New Brunswick is reporting the Progressive Conservative Party has won a majority government in New Brunswick's 40th General Election

Local Ridings (*denotes incumbent)
Candidates in BOLD have been declared elected by Elections New Brunswick


Candidate Party Votes 
(32/32 Polls Reporting)
Richard Ames Progressive Conservative 4750
Robert Kitchen Liberal 940
Jarrett Oldenburg NDP 110
Louis Comeau Green Party 890
Gary Lemon People's Alliance 1524

*Incumbent Carl Urquhart (PC) is not re-offering in this election


Candidate Party Votes (26/26 Polls Reporting)
Bill Hogan Progressive Conservatie 3536
Theresa Blackburn Liberal 1239
Andy Walton KISS NB 41
Shawn Oldenburg NDP 80
Greg Crouse Green Party 581
Graham Gill People's Alliance 1909

*Incumbent Stewart Fairgrieve (PC) is not offering in this election


Candidate Party Votes (30/30 Polls Reporting)
Margaret Johnson Progressive Conservative 3330
Andrew Harvey* Liberal 2939
Meriet Gray Miller NDP 113
Rowan Patrick Miller Green Party 372
Terry Leigh Sisson People's Alliance 610

Legislature Seats (25 Needed for a Majority Government)

Party Seats
Progessive Conservative 27
Liberal 17
New Brunswick NDP 0
New Brunswick Green Party 3
People's Alliance 2
Independent 0


(With files from CTV Atlantic)