Canada unveils plan to counter ‘increasingly disruptive’ China


What is the significance of Canada’s long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy? How does it address China’s ‘disruptive power’ on the global stage? Deb Hutton speaks with a former Canadian diplomat.

On today’s show: 

  • A conversation with Ben Rowswell, director of the Global Democracy Program at the Canadian International Council and former Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan.
  • What are the key takeaways from the Emergencies Act inquiry? We speak with Peter MacKay, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General and former Minister of National Defence, Michael Kempa, a criminologist at the University of Ottawa, and Sharan Kaur, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Bill Morneau.
  • Ian Bridge, defencement from the 1986 Canada World Cup team, reacts to Canada scoring its first-ever World Cup goal. 
  • Carolyn Stewart, executive director of Feed Ontario, on a new report which shows more Ontarians are relying on food banks.


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