Chef Charles Michel - Life Through Food


Chef Charles Michel is a gastronomer, profound educator, and innovator whose work has the power to change our understanding of food systems—globally and at home. His activism offers us the opportunity to create a very powerful, and very needed, revolution spanning food education, community activism, connection to planet, and much much more. He says, "Food is nature. Food is us. Food is the future." He also says, “What we eat is the most intimate connection we establish with Earth and the people around us.” Charles is a dear friend, for so many reasons, but the one I’ll pin at the top is this: he knows how to bring me into my heart center on two issues I get extremely passionate about: activism for our stomachs and activism for our planet. In this conversation, you'll hear Charles share history that enlightens us on why our food customs come with a fork and knife, how the monarchy still influences cultures today, what we can do to reclaim our relationship and experience to food, and that’s just the start. You’ll also hear powerful stories from Charles’ personal experiences ceremoniously sacrificing live rooster once yearly, and how this action connects your nervous system to our greater system, naturally. Trust, that part of the conversation pulls you in and takes you away from the present moment (in the best way). And then we go deeper into activism with what can we DO to address global food systems and waste food. This conversation will, undoubtedly, make your life BETTER by bringing you even closer to the one subject we can all agree we love to embrace: food. Dig in. No knives. Hands only (or, in this case, ears). Let’s go.


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