Have you ever wanted to live alone on a deserted island?


Evan Solomon speaks with Alvaro Cerezo, the founder of a company that drops tourists on deserted islands to live completely alone. He has been chronicling the story of Japan’s “naked island hermit”—a man who lived alone on a deserted island for 29 years. On today's show: Brian DeCaluwe, the father of a teen arrested at gunpoint after years of bullying at an Ontario sports academy.  A teacher in London, Ontario is promoting authentic learning through a concept called ‘ungrading,' where students choose their own grades. We take your texts and calls.  David Macdonald, senior economist at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, on CEOs at Canada’s largest companies seeing a 23 per cent pay increase in 2021. Alvaro Cerezo, a Spanish explorer and founder of Docastaway. 


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