Jann Arden - Asking for help


The world knows today’s guest from smash songs like “I Would Die For You” and “Insensitive.” She’s a multi-platinum, award-winning singer-songwriter, an actor starring in CTV’S hit show, “JANN,” an author, dedicated animal rights activist, and beloved soul of Canada. Beyond growing up with her music, I also know today’s guest from her sincere support of my work with A Better Life Foundation, where we feed over 1,200 people a day in need of nutrition and the simple love and care that comes from a scratch-made meal. Today, Jann Arden helps us see how she built a BETTER life for herself and so many others. We get to go into her safe space, a place she created growing up in a chaotic childhood home with alcoholism, and a desire to heal through music. You’ll also hear stories about coping with the loss of our pets, learning to ask for help when we need it, and so much more.


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