Joshna Maharaj - Food is a Blessing


Chef Joshna Maharaj is​​ a chef and activist using social gastronomy to rebuild our food system. She fights for our right to healthy, scratch-made, delicious food anywhere institutional food is provided. This includes community food centers, hospitals, schools, prisons, etc. Her work has proven what’s possible when we commit to revolutionizing our institutionalized food systems. In this conversation, you hear us belly laugh all the way through about the gross corruption she used to see and has helped influence to change, but we also get very serious in discussing the long road of change ahead. The energy switches to praise when we talk Earth and connectivity. Joshna says, "Resisting a true connection with good food is similar to resisting a true connection with your own humanity." Facts. We also dig into her first experience learning to cook in an ashram in India and how this showed her the ultimate truth: we eat the energy of the food, we consume the energy of the folks who made the food, grew the food, and served the food… and all of us are connected. Her book, “Take Back the Tray: Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools, and Other Institutions,” walks us through the revolutionary changes we need in our broken, institutionalized food systems so that we can begin to heal in holistic, well-rounded, people-first ways.


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