Jovanka Ciares - Reclaiming Wellness


"We only have one home to live in: our body," says today's guest, Jovanka Ciares who carries over a decade of personal wisdom as an integrative herbalist and nutrition expert with the life mission of "helping people reclaim natural states of wellness through practices of our lineage, our ancestry, and our birthright." I instantly gravitated to her work because it highlights how we can take our power back and heal ourselves. She writes about this in her book, "Reclaiming Wellness: Ancient Wisdom for Your Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful Life." And has so much wisdom to offer us today as the founder of Solana Wellness and creator of the #ReclaimingWellness, which carries the initiative of educating BIPOC communities about the power of herbal medicine and plant-based living. In this conversation, we go DEEP and get to hear her share powerful practices to build new habits, change our taste buds, and experience a new conversation between our mind and body. We explore how her upbringing in Puerto Rico and connection to African philosophies brought her to discover a level of true wellness & connectivity we all deeply crave and deserve access to.