Julian Alexander - Ending violence through art


Today, I have the distinct pleasure and honor of hosting GRAMMY award-winning artist, Julian Alexander whose work has been a cornerstone of hip hop and rap for three decades. He’s the creator behind iconic logos & album artwork that you undoubtedly recognize (artists including Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, Eminem, Destiny’s Child, the iconic Mile Davis, and more). He’s the founder of Slang Inc., a Brooklyn-based studio whose clients include the world’s top agencies & brands. And also serves on the board of my charity, A Better Life Foundation. We go way beyond resumé in this conversation and dig deep into the intricately thoughtful layers of his art. I ask him about the work he creates to survive—not for money, for meaning. You'll hear him share about the Supremacy Project, a profound art instillation brought to life during 2020’s historical Black Lives Matter protests. Julian collaborated with our friend Steven Irby (aka Steve Sweatpants) and the powerful Khadijat Oseni. “I had so much to say and so few options,” he says when speaking to the anger of the moment. “I had to do this for my sanity and survival.” Join us as we talk about art as a force for political change, dialogue, and expression on all sides. And how expression yields empowerment, especially in critical times, like the ones we’re in today.