Little Shawn - Behind the Smoke


“To navigate complexity, you need people who not only believe in the same change you do, but bring experience so deep and unique, it fast forwards your ability to see clearly,” I wrote this note about my brother, Little Shawn, after finding an intrinsic connection within myself that equally matches who he walks with inside himself. That deeper relationship we carry within our being creates room for our witnessing and connection with those who see (and KNOW) what we’re really about. Seeing yourself is that unique gift from the universe saying, “You’re right where you need to be. Don’t move. But make MOVES.” That’s what Shawn Pen, aka BEHIND THE SMOKE, is doing right now. He’s already written the documentary of his life, the book, the words. Now he's moving it to screen (documentary, that is) for us to see what’s really “behind the smoke.” If you know, you know. If you don’t, this episode will open windows into the rap scene in a way you’d only dream possible. Remember: hip hop and rap is the spine of culture. It’s the body. It’s the blood, And it influences everything around us. It influences everything I care about and everyone I care about. Peep the list (below) of Shawn’s WORKS, history, and the tools you’ll get from listening to this one-of-a-kind episode from a one-of-a-kind person.


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