Residents of Iqaluit warned not to consume city's drinking water


Evan Solomon speaks with the mayor of Iqaluit on the city now being under a “do not drink water” advisory. Plus, Evan discusses yesterday’s G20 summit meeting, with Canada unaware the EU was pledging a support package of $1.4 billion for Afghanistan.  On today's show:  Iqaluit’s Mayor, Kenny Bell, on the capital of Nunavut now under a “do not drink” water advisory.  We play Evan’s full interview with Karina Gould, International Development Minister, on Canada not knowing the EU was going to announce a support package of $1.4 billion at the G20 summit. ‘The War Room’ with political strategists Tasha Kheiriddin and Richard Mahoney and former NDP leader Tom Mulcair.  Retired Canadian Forces lieutenant-general Romeo Dallaire on being inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame.  


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