Rha Goddess - Awakening activism


Rha Goddess is an Entrepreneurial Soul Coach, the Founder & CEO of Move The Crowd, a Hip-hop artist, known for coining the term “floetry,” and the author of The Calling. In her TED talk, she says, “This is a story of a young girl’s journey to rock the mic, save the hood, and heal the planet. This is my journey from starving artist to sustainable revolution. This is the story of how I healed my relationship with capitalism, and empowered a new generation of entrepreneurs.” In this conversation, we hear Rha’s raw wisdom highlighting the beauty of what we can be if we invest in hope. We hear about “the medicine of slowing down and finding your people.” And we dig into the current systems of power and what meaningful change looks like, and how you can find your way into creating it with us.


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