Sara Roversi - Climate justice


Sara Roversi is transforming the future of food and doing it in the most powerful spaces on the planet. She is my dear friend and a powerhouse accomplice in developing global food systems. Her focus directly addresses climate change, planetary health, and global poverty, but amongst the heaviness, she brings so much light, wisdom and joy. Among her many influential roles, she is the founder and President of the Future Food Institute, an organization dedicated to facing the urgent challenge of protecting our planet while feeding humans in a way that is sustainable, equitable, and nourishing. In this episode, she brings her love of Earth, people and food to brighten our vision of what’s truly possible for our planet’s health and shows us how certain mindset changes can empower Us to create a sustainable world together. The beauty of this episode is indescribable, but I’ll give you one off the top: you’ll see and FEEL that you’re never “just one person,” you are much more than that—connected, capable and creative. And together, we can do big things.


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