Sarah Eagle Heart - Truth to Power


Sarah Eagle Heart is an Emmy-Award Winning Social Justice Storyteller and—in all seriousness—a true Social Justice Warrior. She’s the co-CEO of Return to the Heart Foundation, which, if we pause right there to experience the name alone, we feel the power, the empowerment, the justice, the heart, the truth. As the co-CEO of Return to the Heart Foundation, Sarah works tirelessly to enable and empower the very necessary visibility of Indigenous women. I’ve looked up to Sarah Eagle Heart and her work for many years now, making it a deep honor to have her here with us today. In our conversation, you’ll hear her begin with a greeting that reverberates past your ears, beyond your mind, and into your body’s knowing of where we come from as people—historically, ancestrally, culturally, environmentally, spiritually. Sarah’s traditions carry a reverence for truth that, when heard with the ear of your nervous system, injects itself into the very bones of our being— easily and quickly. Making it so much more simple for us to disperse truth from lie—be it lies of capitalism, lies of racism, lies of a lack, and the list goes on as long as the trail of tears. Longer, even. Returning to truth is sacred work. Amplifying that truth, those stories, those peoples, so that we can return to a real care for our planet, our community, ourselves….. THAT is the sacred work we’ll hear about today from Sarah Eagle Heart. This is a very special episode. And it’s an honor to have you listening with us today.


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