Tim Daly - You are an artist


Tim Daly is an award-winning actor best known for his roles in MADAM SECRETARY, WINGS, PRIVATE PRACTICE, and THE SOPRANOS. He’s also the voice of Superman for the animated series. But, beyond a 40-year acting career, Tim is a dear friend and advocate in some of the most critical spaces. He’s president of The Creative Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy group that focuses on funding for the arts and shaping policy in a way that supports our creativity as humans. He’s also on the board of Inside Out Writers, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing juvenile recidivism. In this important conversation about art and politics, he shares with us how creativity can be used as a catalyst for personal transformation, so much so, that it actually saves people from re-entering the prison system by finding their own voice, power, and inner-artist. We also talk about unlocking memories that leads to creating more space for presence and learning how to properly honor the part of you that is creative. One of the many great lessons here is that even if you think you’re not, you are. We are. And your individual creativity can unlock opportunities for a BETTER world.


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